Paper Style By GCERT For Std.3 To 8 Exam

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Paper Style By GCERT For Std.3 To 8 Exam

Not only is the content given in the book for all-round development of children, it is not enough to touch the human life, there are many other areas which the child should have the general information about which we know traditionally the general knowledge of all these groups, children of standard 6 to 8 Reading can understand that the language of the impoverished language is in the education only if the news is to be understood in the current letter It is necessary to understand the basics of that matter. For this, information about fields like literature, film history, science and technology, by the state government's education department, I have introduced the name of the world human being in a language that children understand. This content is selected by the GCERT from selected experts from across the state We will keep these books in the school library in such a way so that the children are easily created with help.

Subject File Download
Gujarati (3 to 8) Download
Hindi (5 to 8) Download
English (5 to 8 ) Download
Sanskrit (6 to 8) Download
Maths (3 to 8) Download
science (6 to 8) Download
Social science (6 to8 )
& Environment (3 to5 ) Download

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