Ekam Kasoti paper Solution std 3 to 8

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Ekam Kasoti paper Solution std 3 to 8

The unit test is conducted every Saturday in all primary schools of the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat government is always striving to improve the education of primary schools. In order to make elementary education more effective, a government was started unit tests every Saturday. Primary students may make preparation well with help of Standard 1 to 8 Unit Test Paper. Here we provide Unit Test Solution Standard 3 to 8. Students and Teachers may download All subject Unit Test Paper and Solution from this page. This solution is for reference only This is not an official solution.

Ekam Kasoti Paper solution 14/03/2020
Std 4 maths solution
Std 5 english solution
Std 6 gujarati solution
Std 7 maths solution
Std 8 ss solution

Ekam Kasoti Paper solution 29-02-2020
Std 4 Gujarati solution 1 solution 2
Std 5 evs solution
Std 6 science solution 1 solution 2
Std 7 gujarati solution 1 solution 2
Std 8 hindi solution 1 solution 2
Std 8 sankrit solution 1 solution 2

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 22-02-2020
STD-6 English
STD-7 Science
STD-8 Gujarati

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 15-02-2020
STD-3 Gujarati
STD-5 Maths

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 08-02-2020
STD-6 Social Science
STD-7 Hindi | Sanskrit
STD-8 Science

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 01-02-2020
Std-3 EVS
Std-4 Hindi
Std-5 Gujarati
Std-6 Maths
Std-7 SS
Std-8 English

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 18-01-2020
Std-6 Hindi | Sanskrit
Std-7 English
Std-8 Maths

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 28-12-2019
Std-3 Gujarati
Std-4 Maths
Std-5 EVS
Std-6 Science
Std-7 Gujarati
Std-8 Hindi | Sanskrit

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 21-12-2019
Std-6 English
Std-7 Science
Std-8 Gujarati

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 14-12-2019
Std-3 EVS
Std-4 Gujarati
Std-5 Maths

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 07-12-2019
Std-6 Social Science
Std-7 Hindi | Std-7 Sanskrit
Std-8 Science

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 23-11-2019

Ekam Kasoti Paper Answer key 03-08-2019
Std-3 EVS
Std-4 Maths
Std-5 English
Std-6 Hindi
Std-7 Sanskrit
Std-8 Maths

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